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Hello there! I'm Anna, an adventurous Austrian traveler, artist, creator, dreamer, and much more. If you're reading this, I warmly welcome you and would love to share some of my thoughts on life, art, inspiration, and motivation.

My art journey started during lockdown. After exploring the world on my own, coming back home brought about a significant lifestyle shift. The transition from constantly discovering new places and meeting new people to being back in familiar surroundings was quite dramatic. However, amidst my feelings of being lost, I began to realize that there was also an opportunity to find myself. This realization led me to embark on a new artistic path, focusing on painting portraits and animals. I discovered that within my uncertainty laid untapped and unrealized potential.

I firmly believe that each artwork already has its destined owner, someone who will recognize its beauty when they encounter it. I hope that I have created something that resonates with you. And if not, rest assured, I am likely working on something that will speak to your heart.

So take a deep breath, find your comfort, and allow yourself to immerse in a part of my world. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the experience.

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  • Currently situated in Loretto, Austria

If any of my paintings have captured your interest, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. What matters most to me is that my art finds its way to someone who truly appreciates and values it. If you believe you might be that person, I would be delighted to hear from you :)