Hi there, I’m Anna, an Austrian traveler, artist, creator, dreamer and so much more. If you’re reading this right now I‘d like to welcome you and share some of my thoughts on life, my artwork, inspiration and motivation.

My art journey started during lockdown. I just came back from traveling and exploring the world by myself and felt a bit confused and unsure. Such a drastic lifestyle change, from seeing new places, meeting new people everyday to being back at home. But slowly I started realizing that within my uncertainty was also my potential and within my lostness was also an opportunity to be found and within my discomfort was also a chance to see what I needed to change. With this change I was becoming the person I was meant to be, I turnt your losses into lessons and decided to share it with you.

So breathe in and breathe out, make yourself comfortable and I hope you enjoy a part of my world.

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